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Innovative therapies

AlzeCure has several key projects within two defined strategic drug discovery platforms.

Building the brain
In Alzheimer’s disease there is an extensive synapse loss and neuronal death resulting in hippocampal atrophy and cognitive impairment, which in later stages leads to outbred atrophy and functional impairment. AlzeCure has identified drug-like small molecule compounds, affecting the trophic signaling pathways as well as inflammatory pathways. Key collaborations with state of the art clinical and medical technology groups will enable us to further explore neurotrophic support in patients.

Clearing the brain
Misfolded proteins are a common denominator of neurodegenerative disorders. AlzeCure is targeting the focal points of Alzheimer’s disease-related neuronal degeneration in projects using innovative, context relevant phenotypic screens in collaboration with world leading academic researchers in Alzheimer’s disease. Our novel medical technology will enable quick concept testing in genetically defined patient populations and will give a shorter time to proof-of-concept.