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About AlzeCure Foundation

The objective of Alzecure Foundation is to enhance scientific research in age related diseases, primarily Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions, with the aim to develop new therapies, diagnostics, treatments and medical technologies.

Unique Business Model

Alzecure is a non-profit research foundation with funding initially from donations and grants from individuals, non-profit organizations and governments. This organization form provides stability for continuous evaluation of novel concepts from academic research, but is combined with the overall aim of Al- zeCure to commercialize its successful projects. Promising projects will be spun-out as commercial companies, subsidiaries to Alzecure, allowing external partners and investors to buy-in, contribute and collaborate.


The scientific network of Alzecure comprises world-leading expertise within neurodegenerative disorders, preclinical as well as in clinical research. The expertise is directly connected to Alzecure, which thereby gets continuous access and support to essential knowledge, unique ideas and state of the art technologies. The vicinity to, and integration of, clinical expertise to Alzecure enables the development of novel concept testing approaches and that novel treatment paradigms can be tested in a clinical setting at a very early stage.tegrate and bridge key academic research with world leading expertise in clinical trial design and research. Alzecure provides expertise in the drug discovery process in neurological diseases and will integrate novel ideas, valu- able insights, unique competence and high resolution technologies from both preclinical and clinical research into innovative projects and programmes.

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